INs and Bests of 2013!

2013-12-30 11:45:00
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I have been writing about the INs and Bests of past years, in different publications and media. I have been studying the INs and Bests with a different point of view; a global point of view and with a mix of cultures and a happy touch.
This year I met this young gentleman Bugra Levent a style and fashion blogger whom I think is the upcoming trendsetter in Turkey with a global point of view. When he asked me to be a guest writer on his blog, I decided to write my INs and Bests of 2013 and it's reflections in 2014 for his blog.
There you go!
*Fashion: Alexander McQueen
*General style: Baroque style
*The most successful Turkish woman in global arena: Demet Oger ( She is known as the investor of many productions including the Oscar winner movies in 2012-2013)
*Up coming young person: Kiran Gandhi. (A Harvard business school MBA student, globally known social activist Meera Gandhi's daughter, present at TEDx Talks with her life philosophy called Atomic Living, which advocates for living like atoms. It is the ability to pursue your passions and achieve success while still deriving meaning from life's random interactions as well as being the drummer for artist MIA. Not to mention she is being featured in several magazines so far as the drummer of MIA.
*Decoration: Plain but colorful
*Jewelry: Byzantine touch
*Pop Queens: Debates for is it Beyoncé or Madonna? ( I believe others were also successful however it is a lot of work to be able to reach these two energies )
*Most Supported: In Turkey Animal Shelter fundraisings, In the world; Events supporting the Gay Marriage
*Most talked animal: Tigers, because people found out that only a few thousand left in the wild
*Stylish woman in Turkey:  Ece Sukan
*Stylish woman globally: Anna Wintour
*The most colorful project: Workman Calendars 2014 Handbag Gallery featuring hundreds of global luxury handbag brands
*Most attractive man globally: David Beckham
*Most attractive woman globally: Princess Diana
*Most attractive man in Turkey: Kivanc Tatlitug
*The best woman in Turkey: Betul Mardin ( Atlantic Records' big shot Arif Mardin's sister)
*Best voice in Turkey: Linet
*Globally trending: Sculpture art
*Globally trending: How happy is the one who says "I am Turkish"
*News: Merkel's phone tapping
*Vacation spots, the new investment cities in the world: London, Cape Town, Sydney
*No Name but a name thing: The designer who brought 4 different well known handbag shapes and created a new handbag brand :)
*Spiritual talks, discussions
*Turkish coffee
*Non attending parties because of gym classes
*Sympathetic: Cherie Blair's Turkish bride
*Cosmetics to increase the regenerative cells
*Eggshell discovered for youth and cosmetics 
*Reading books
Text: Emre ERTÜRK

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